Welcome To GreenKonnection.com
GreenKonnection.com is free and anyone can join!!!
GreenKonnection.com is a social networking site. It’s a medium where progressive Muslims from different backgrounds can create networks and share their views. It lets like-minded people to connect with each other and strike meaningful conversations. Our main goal is to create a friendly environment where users can interact with each other.
There are one billion Muslims around the world with their own social preferences and cultural values. GreenKonnection.com provides them with a medium to share their common problems, aspirations, views, and build social networks. This site is not limited to Muslims but people from other religious and cultural backgrounds can join.
We sincerely hope that GreenKonnection.com will provide the kind of services you are looking for. It is all encompassing where members can create groups, join networks, chat with their friends (who are members of GreenKonnection.com), organize events like birthdays, create and share pictures and videos, list and search for businesses, search and meet like minded people, check prayer times, exchange mails and lots more. This site can be profitably used to promote businesses, to post selling and buying leads, and to communicate with each other.